What Is The Point of Christmas?

Now that Christmas is rolling around
I want someone to bury me deep in the ground
I don’t see the point of the festive cheer
When the person I need is no longer here

Her sunny bright laugh that lights up a room
Paired with the smell of her old perfume
These are the memories that are left to see
So why would Christmas bother with me

The plane journeys home just to see them once more
It’s not often that I appear through the door
On Christmas Day the family gather
So without her it doesn’t really matter

Too scared to go home to face all the family
Too scared to stay here to face my own fears
In the light of this Christmas morn
I just want to be left to mourn

The first year without her will always be hard
But it’s not the same Christmas at home
Without her hugging me tight and wishing me well
Each day getting harder for me not to yell

What’s the point in Christmas this year
When she was the one who provided my cheer
The point is to remember to help her live on
Even if this year that just feels so wrong

One day I’ll realise that her loss was worth
A lot more to me than the holy child’s birth
And that’s when our holidays might start to look bright
And to celebrate Christmas will finally feel right

So this year I celebrate my cheer
Whether or not she is here
Her smile will look down from above
As I remember her Christmas love


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